Live Response

June 22, 2011 at 2:00 pm ET

Live Response: Planning for the Whole Community

In this edition of Live Response, we will look at the FEMA/DHS initiative, Planning for the Whole Community. A new division, referred to as the Office of Disability Integration and Coordination (ODIC), has been working diligently since 2010 to redesign how emergency management defines and serves people with access and functional needs in our communities in the event of disasters. The new paradigm works toward the notion that all segments of American society will be integrated and served through a single and inclusive emergency management approach. Our panelists will discuss important elements of the planning process; public communications needs for non-English-speaking people, visual- and hearing-impaired citizens, and others; evacuation challenges; sheltering needs; and some of the work being done to aid in disaster recovery. The program also looks at legislation passed to aid in this cause and highlights the "Getting Real" conference held in 2010, designed to bring disability and emergency management communities together. In the words of FEMA administrator, Craig Fugate, "if we wait and plan for people with disabilities after we write the basic plan, we fail." Join us for this very important program!

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