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NTPI's virtual studio delivers top quality training on emergency preparedness and response. In use since 2007, the virtual studio allows an infinite arrangement of sets, graphics, and videos to be displayed within a single production room.

Virtual StudioThe Orad virtual studio production system uses Maestro live production software, 3Designer graphics design software and Page Editor software to create a virtually live studio and on-the-scene environment within a small studio space.

The studio environment includes three Shotoku broadcast system pedestals and a CamMate jib that use the equivalent of a calibration point to merge the images taken from four cameras with virtual backgrounds. In essence, the virtual studio links the images of real on-screen talent standing in front of a solid green backdrop with computer-generated, enhanced backdrops that include things such as desks, flooring, windows, and window treatments.

The virtual studio is also used to put on-screen talent in front of backdrops that depict real disasters, including acts of terrorism. This allows training to be developed without putting a production team in harm's way. In addition, the virtual studio enables the production team to change sets with little to no down time. A virtual set is changed with a few quick clicks of a computer mouse or with a few keystrokes. Little to no manpower is involved in changing sets.

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