NTPI Accessible Training Options

NTPI offers accessible Web-based training that suits the needs of many target audiences. The Institute works hard to ensure that its Web-based training not only meets but exceeds all of the requirements for information technology found in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1998—as well as all of its clients' needs.

All NTPI Web-based training products incorporate keyboard versus mouse navigation capabilities for mobility-challenged users, Web page design elements to enhance screen reader functionality for visually impaired users, and usability guidelines that maximize readability for learners with cognitive or learning disabilities.

Additional accessibility options can be incorporated into NTPI’s Web-based training offerings to meet specific audience needs, such as closed captioning, open captions, on screen certified American Sign Language interpreters, and descriptive video services (DVS) for the blind or visually impaired and the deaf and hard of hearing. (See examples of these options below.) Captions or subtitles in various languages can also be provided for learners who speak languages other than English.


Video with open caption plus sign language:


Video with descriptive video services (DVS):

Please contact us for information on how NTPI can meet your Web-based training accessibility needs.


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