NTPI Onsite Training

These courses are delivered through the Regional Community Policing Institute.

Crime scene

WMD Crime Scene Awareness for First Responders

Provides first responders with the knowledge necessary to conduct response operations while maintaining the integrity of a WMD crime scene in order to safeguard a successful prosecution.

Decontamination zone

Decontamination for WMD: An Overview

Provides information on decontamination issues when responding to incidents involving a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD); can be presented as either an eight-hour course of classroom instruction or as a 16-hour course with both classroom instruction and hands-on practical exercises.

Medical triage area

Medical Response to Weapons of Mass Destruction

Addresses medical issues involved in preparing for catastrophic WMD-related medical incidents, including a systems approach to preplanning, patient care, and handling mass fatalities as well as the types of resources that can assist in the medical response.

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